Proposing a deal

To create a deal, go to the "My Deals" page, click on the "Create Deal" button and fill in the deal template

Deal Description

  • Deal Logo (optional) - upload a logo to be displayed with your deal

  • Deal Name - title of your deal, cannot be changed after you create a deal

  • Website (optional) - enter a URL containing deal-related info

  • Deal Description - describe the deal you are proposing to early investors

Deal Parameters

  • Lead Investor (optional) - enter the wallet address of any investor who gets first access to the deal. Other investors will not be able to stake in the deal until the lead investor adds a stake

  • Deal Crypto - select USDC or USDT

  • Presail Amount - the amount that is eligible for the bonus you are offering

  • Offer Period - duration (in hours) that a deal must stay open after you set the deal terms

  • Minimum Sale Amount - minimum staked amount required before a deal can be moved from Offering status to Delivering status

  • Maximum Sale Amount - maximum staked amount that the deal sponsor can claim once a deal moves from Delivering to Claiming

  • Start Bonus - the starting bonus for the total Presail amount

  • End Bonus - the ending bonus for the total Presail amount

Stake Parameters

  • Minimum Stake Amount - minimum amount for any individual stake

  • Maximum Stake Amount - maximum amount for any individual stake

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