Presail Bonuses

Presale amount

The Presail amount is a fixed dollar amount of investment offered in the presale phase. This should be less than 100% of the total amount that the sponsor will offer. The sponsor will need to sell some assets without a bonus, in order to set a market price. Presale amount < total investment amount

Calibrating bonus

We set a decreasing scale bonus, which investors unlock depending on their position in the staking queue.

Dollars staked can earn a bonus equal to this amount, compared with the final market sale price.

Discounted Unit price = %bonus / (1+ %bonus) x Final Market Price

Number of units sold at a discount = (1+ %bonus) x Total Units Sold

Example1 - Starting bonus: if the bonus is 100%, then the first dollar staked will get a price of 50% of the final market price, and 2X the “market” amount of shares or tokens.

Example 2 - Ending bonus: if the ending bonus is 25%, then the last dollar gets a 20% discount and 1.25 times the “market” amount of shares. If the ending bonus is zero, then the last dollar of purchases gets approximately the final market price.

In our first release, early investors get a bonus in the form of more shares or tokens. This works for equity and governance.

Open sale amount

The system might take orders for some amount of investment with no discount. If people buy those shares, it sets a market price. These shares can also be offered in other channels.

These parameters can describe several cases:

  • Every presale buyer gets the same discount, with the starting bonus equal to the ending bonus.

  • There is no presale discount. The sponsor uses the escrow features of the system to do an open sale at a fixed price.

  • There is no open sale amount. The final price and terms are set in a different channel. This may be the most common case.

  • The ending bonus is zero, and the presale transitions smoothly into the open sale as stakes accumulate.

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