Deal Stages

Once a deal is posted, it goes through four stages: Staking -> Offering -> Delivering -> Claiming


When a deal is posted, the status is set to Staking.

  • Stakes can be added to the deal. The amount staked is subject to the maximum and minimum staked amounts, if specified

  • Each stake will be shown with the bonus amount. Stakes that "cross-over" the Presail amount will be shown with each portion and the associated bonus

  • Stakes can be unstaked at any time


Once the deal sponsor sets the offer price and terms, the deal status changes to Offering. The deal will remain in Offering until the end of the Offer Period.

  • Stakes can be added or unstaked while the deal is in Staking

  • A countdown timer will indicate how much time is remaining in the Offer Period


Any time after the Offer Period is over, the deal sponsor can change the deal status to Delivering.

  • No new stakes can be added to the deal

  • Stakes below the Maximum Sale amount will be committed to the deal escrow and cannot be unstaked

  • Stakes over the Maximum Sale amount are not eligible for the deal and can be unstaked

The deal sponsor can download the list of stakers, staked amounts, and bonuses, in order to deliver the offer to the stakers.

Once the deal sponsor completes delivery, proof of delivery should be submitted to the Presail Admin (via the Presail Discord) for verification.


Once the Presail Admin confirms delivery of the offer to all stakers, the deal will be changed to Claiming

  • The deal sponsor will receive the staked amount (up to the Maximum Sale amount) from the deal escrow

  • Stakes over the Maximum Sale amount can be unstaked

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