Crypto advantages

Some advantages of using a crypto-based fundraising platform like Presail:

  1. Fast and compliant way to pool funds toward an investment goal. Easy to stake interests without worrying about deal structuring.

  2. Reliable and transparent escrow system. Investors stake in an escrow account during the deal formation. They get back their stake if the deal fails or they disagree with the final deal terms

  3. Larger bonuses for staking early. Through smart contracts we code that early investors who commit to a deal can be awarded a bigger bonus.

  4. Get super-early access to deals. Early stakers can access deals even when terms are not defined. They also can contribute to design the investment terms and conditions.

  5. Cheaper to stake using a wider variety of coins that people hold. We can use staking as a way to double investment dollars by using one tokenized investment as collateral or a stake for another investment. Investors have a chance to hold the interest-earning assets that they want to hold, rather than the ones chosen by the deal sponsor.

  6. Add compliance options - The escrow process is NOT a sale, so sponsors can delay legal and administrative costs until they reach an economically viable amount of investor commitments.

  7. Reduces sponsor costs. The structuring is delayed until we make sure we’ve collected sufficient interests toward a deal.

  8. Launchpad for deals. It gives a platform for fine-tuning terms and conditions and converge faster toward a deal

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