What is Presail?

Presail is a crypto escrow system that collects money for proposed investment deals. The Presail app will hold stakes from investors, reward them for early action, and refund at any time before terms are final.

Buyers get a fast and safe way to express interest. Sellers can seek investor validation at an early stage. Deal sponsors can add incentives to accelerate early commitment and closing.

What problem does Presail solve?

Every type of investment opportunity goes down a funnel from a lot of bad deals, to a few funded deals. Presail makes it easy and inexpensive to post deals at an early stage, and use investor validation to get to the smaller number of funded deals.

  • For early investors, it's easy and cheap to stake without fully committing

  • Early stakers are motivated to take a "lead investor" role in improving the deal, and get to a buyable set of final terms.

  • The crypto escrow allows for rapid collaboration while arriving at the final terms and fund delivery

Presail can be applied to a wide range of fundraising deals, such as equity syndication, full-on SPACs, debt funding, and even movie assembly.

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