Life Cycle of a deal
  • Fill in a deal memo template
  • For seed and pre-series A, fill in a Journey template
  • Name a deal sponsor
  • Stake Presail tokens to a deal-specific escrow
  • Unstaking is permitted at any time until 7 days after deal terms have been arrested
  • A countdown timer indicates how long there remains to closing date
  • Investors who have locked in a slot could contribute towards building the deal
  • This workflow takes place within Discord
  • [A countdown timer will indicate how much time is left to closing]
  • Sponsor sets a market price. This might come from a different sales process. It might come from a private sale, or from a dutch auction on a platform Miso or Gnosis auction.
  • The stakes that are remaining after seven days will be claimed by the smart contract to buy the proposed investment. An administrator will make sure that the sponsor delivers the proposed investment in some form, with tokens and/or registration and documentation.
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